Guest Experience

At Crestone Bliss Rentals, your rich and wonderful experience is a priority. Our guests are given an easy and independent check-in and check-out process. We welcome any and all questions, but unless asked, your privacy will be respected while you enjoy your stay.


We are friendly to all friendly people irrelevant of skin tone or culture of origin. We celebrate and are here to facilitate world unity.


Pets are allowed on two conditions:

  1. Let management know beforehand so that you can be provided 'pet sheets' for your stay.

  2. Use these pet sheets to cover any furniture or bedding your pet(s) may encounter. This is to protect from dribble, dander and nails and it is also done as a courtesy to future guests with allergies!


Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited inside of our buildings, but feel free to enjoy your smoke outside.

Cleaning Fees

A $200 cleaning fee will be charged if damage is caused by a pet such as urine in carpets or bedding. This charge will also be applied to rooms suspected of guests smoking indoors.

It takes a huge amount of time, energy, and money to remove the smells of smoke and pet urine. We take pride in our rentals and in providing a clean space that makes folks happy.

Booking, Group Rates & Discounts

You can book through the reservation form on this website, the rental websites linked on each rental page, or you can call us directly at (719) 849 - 8411 or

For long-term, early-bird rentals, we require a deposit and we offer discounts. Deposit schedules vary, please call or email for details. The long-term rental discounts are:


Peak: April 1 - October 31

  • 3-14 days: 10%

  • 15 - 30 days: 20%

Off-Peak: November 1 - March 31

  • 3-14 days: 15%

  • 15 - 30 days: 25%


If the above discounts do not accomodate your needs, please let us know.

We love to host large groups and wedding parties. If you require more than one rental, please let us know and we are happy to accommodate you and find a multiple-rental discount rate.

Local Information

For your grocery shopping needs, Crestone has two markets. For organic groceries, the Elephant Cloud Market in Downtown Crestone can serve all of your needs. The Elephant Cloud regularly offers carry-out options such as fresh soups and baked goods, and has the town's only gas station. Crestone's traditional supermarket is the Crestone Mercantile, and is located on Galena Avenue. The Mercantile also have a butcher and fresh meat products prepared daily. You can find the hardware store across the street.

The local liquor store is located between the Aventa Credit Union and the Post Office. For hours, call (719) 256-4464.

If you'd like to rent DVDs, we have a local movie rental shop. For hours, call the Crestone Creative Trade Co. at (719) 256 - 4554.

Bears & Wildlife

For our in-town rentals, we advise against leaving food in your vehicle. Bears have been known to break a car window, even for a granola bar or apple, so be careful!

We are in mountain lion and bear country, be sure to read trail information regarding these animals prior to your outdoor adventures!


Local Eats

For lunch or dinner try out the Crestone Brewery, where you can enjoy local beers and yak burgers, as well as a number of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options! For hours and menu options, check out their website here.

Across the street from the brewery you will find the Crestone Creamery, where locals congregate for homemade, organic ice cream and pizza!

Some newer additions to the Crestone food scene include Ramji's Indian Cafe on Galena Avenue, open from 7am to 9pm, and Taco Love on Alder avenue. For more information about Ramji's, check out their Facebook page or call (719) 256-6108.

The Desert Sage restaurant provides traditional dining all-day, and is located just outside of town in the Baca Grande subdivision. For hours and menu options, call at (719) 256 - 4402.

If you're looking for coffee and light eats, the Cloud Station is a full-service cafe, with breakfast and lunch options. Additionally, the Cloud Station hosts live music and nightlife events, so keep an eye out on their website for upcoming events.

CC Image  of crestone Yaks courtesy of  Mia & Steve Mestdagh  on  flickr

CC Image of crestone Yaks courtesy of Mia & Steve Mestdagh on flickr

Hot Springs

Just outside town are a number of hot springs options:

For a family-friendly experience with a large pool and diving boards, the Hooper pool is 30 minutes south of Crestone. For hours and prices, check out their website.

The traditional spa experience can be found at the Joyful Journey Hot Springs, pictured. Located 30 minutes north of Crestone off of Highway 17. For hours and prices call check out their website.

The adventurous may be inclined to visit Valley View Hot Springs. 40 minutes north of Crestone nestled in the mountains, Valley View is an experience, with short hikes between natural pools and it is entirely clothing optional. For prices and hours check out their website.


CC Image  of valley view hot springs courtesy of  Ed Ogle  on  flickr

CC Image of valley view hot springs courtesy of Ed Ogle on flickr

Hiking & Outdoor Activities

Crestone is home to world-class hiking trails and 14ers. The most popular trails include:

  • Willow Lake Trail

  • North Crestone Trail

  • South Crestone Trail

  • Venable/Comanche Trail

For more information and trail conditions, check out this site. We love when visitors explore Crestone trails, but we highly encourage that you consult with online resources or hikers experienced with these trails before your adventure.

Additionally, Crestone is an hour south of the Arkansas River. During the summer, be sure to consider rafting with one of these local rafting companies:

A five minute drive from Crestone is the Baca Grande Stables. The Baca Grande Stables offer riding lessons and trail rides, for more information see their website.

Nature & Wildlife Sightseeing

Just an hours drive from Crestone is the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Enjoy an other-worldly natural wonder and nearby hiking trails, Medano Creek, and Zapata Falls. For more information, visit the Sand Dunes national park website.

For great hiking and rock climbing, checkout Penitente Canyon. Just an hour from Crestone, Penitente offers great vistas and activities, for more information checkout the website here.

San Luis Valley is also home to Sandhill Crane migration, twice a year 20,000 cranes migrate through the area. For more information see the Alamosa Wildlife Refuge website here. Definitely check out the sunset/sunrise crane tours!

CC Image  of sand dunes courtesy of  Prabal Ghosh  on  flickr

CC Image of sand dunes courtesy of Prabal Ghosh on flickr

Spiritual Centers

Crestone is surrounded by a number of spiritual centers and sights. Just off of the main road into the Baca Grande subdivision, you can find the Stuppa (pictured).

Crestone is also home to the Haidakhandi Universal Ashram, the Nada Carmelite Monastery, the Shumei International Institute, and a number of Bhuddist centers.

Finally, there is the architectural attraction, the Crestone Ziggurat. In the outer reaches of the Baca Grande Subdivision, you can find this attraction using the maps posted here.

CC Image  of crestone stupa courtesy of  Mia & Steve Mestdagh  on  flickr

CC Image of crestone stupa courtesy of Mia & Steve Mestdagh on flickr

Healing & Self-Care

Local Massage Therapy:

Feeling the altitude? Find relief with Cindy Tate at (719) 480 - 2489.


Local Events

FibARK is Salida's 3-day annual river festival, one hour north of Crestone usually happening mid-June. Enjoy the typical carnival experience combined with Colorado Beer festival. The event features various river events, nighttime concerts, and a plethora of food and activities. For information, see the FibARK website here.

The first week of August, Crestone hosts its own annual hoe-down, the Crestone Music Festival. With three days and nights of music, booths, food, and fun, be sure to check it out. For updates and information, checkout their website here.

CC Image  Of crestone music festival courtesy of  Mia & Steve Mestdagh  on  flickr

CC Image Of crestone music festival courtesy of Mia & Steve Mestdagh on flickr

Off The Beaten Track

For the adventurous, we also recommend a few of our quixotic attractions. Want to go hold a gator? Maybe try the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, a decades old gator rescue and a great time for kids! For hours and information, see their website here.

Another eccentric attraction is the 'world famous' UFO watchtower, as featured in VICE and the National Enquirer. For your one-of-a-kind souvenirs, this place is definitely worth a stop. For more information, check out Judy's website here.

CC Image  courtesy of  Greg Younger  on  flickr