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We opened May 2014 in the little town of Crestone, CO, Pop: 1500, elevation 8000'. The views are awesome in town, majestic and unique with the ever changing and beautiful lighting. We have a special town — full of spiritual retreats and outrageous hiking for all levels. It is fairly quiet — yet we do have fun for such a sleepy little town. There is also horse riding a few miles away. Generally at one or two places in town, there is live music or dance nights — at least on the weekends and sometimes mid-week as well.

Then there are the annual 4th of July Fairy and Dragon Parade, and the awesome 3 day Crestone Music Festival the first weekend of each August!

Grocery, Organic Food, Restaurants, Diner’s & Take Away, Laundry, Hardware, Brewery, Alcohol, Music, Massage, Oxygen, Etc.

  • The Crestone Mercantile grocery for all your needs - 7 days 8:00 - 8:00 719 256 5887.
  • There is a laundry room behind the grocery store. It closes earlier than the store.
  • And the well stocked Crestone Hardware store is directly across the street open Mon - Sat closes at 5:00 719-256-5889.
  • Next door to the Hardware is Bob’s Diner, for breakfast and lunch - Open Wed - Sat 7:00 - 3:00 719-256-2627
  • The Elephant Cloud health food store, open 8:00 - 8:00. In the back of the building is the Cloud Station a great place for espresso and sweeties. They stop serving at 3:00 719 496 0966
  • At night time, The Cloud Station becomes the live music and dance venue. Go on line to see if there will be music when you’re in Crestone!
  • The alcohol store is up by the PO and closes at 8:45 Sharp! 719-256-4464
  • The Crestone Brewery - I had their glazed salmon dinner with the home made soda and key lime pie - all was very delicious. They have a wide range of choices - from yak tacos to veg, vegan and gluten free options. Check 'em out!
  • The Crestone Creamery has delicious home made ice cream. Open Wed - Sat, 3:00 - 8:00. 719-496-0980
  • In the Baca neigborhood (less than 1 mile out of town), there is also The Desert Sage restaurant for dinner 719-256-4402 (Call for hours, sometimes they do lunch and brunch.)
  • For an easy and quick breakfast, Stop at Crestone's version of a convenience take away - look for signs that say "Here We Go". (If you're heading for the Mercantile Grocery, instead of turning right, go straight through the stop sign and look immediately right on the side of the real estate building). There is a little shop for take away breakfast burritos and sweeties.
  • Need a book?, or want to drop off something you no longer need? Check out Crestone’s Free Box on the way into to town, just before Casa del Sol!
  • Crestone Creative Trade for rocks, stones, incense and gifts
  • Check out the local thrift shop
  • Altitude getting to you? Get a hit of oxygen! Call Cindy 719-480-2489
  • Need a massage? Jackie Pena - 719-937-8155 or Kathleen Willow - 719-256-5469

Be aware of bears

Be aware of bears - If you left your car in town at night when people aren’t around or anytime at the camp ground, they may go into your car for food, even as much as a granola bar or an apple! Not a pretty picture. It’s highly unlikely they would be in The Baca.


The Baca Grande Stables for trail rides 719 256 6200 The hiking in North and South Crestone is amazing and for all levels. We're a popular destination point for spiritual retreat centers. Folks enjoy going on a peaceful tour to explore them and the Shambala Stuppa. *** Joyful Journey Hotsprings is a more traditional hot springs and famous for it's healing waters. Open 9-10 daily 1-719-256-4328 Valley View Hotsprings - All natural pools with incredible views/vistas/nature walks, and is clothing optional. If no clothes are no problem - it's an absolutely incredible place to visit 1-719-256-4315

Enroute to the Great Sand Dunes national park is the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, UFO Watchtower and Hooper Pool - a family oriented hot springs pool with an adult area.

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